If I had three minutes to speak with Mr. Obama '08.04.2009

Dear Mr. Barack Hussein Obama: I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your team in our country. The fact that you chose Turkey as the first country to visit in this part of world tells us something, and it is well appreciated. I heard that you wanted to hear from representatives of various NGOs during your visit and that each person will have three minutes to talk to you. If I were among them, I would say the following: Dear Mr. President: Your predecessor, George W. Bush, and his administration set a terrible example of how one should deal with the outside world in general and with the Muslim world in particular. Obsessed with dangerous, hostile and egocentric neocon ideas and their resulting unilateral and aggressive policies that isolate nations, they left the world a much worse a place than it was previously. Anti-American sentiment skyrocketed worldwide. Diplomacy and dialogue went silent, while weapons spoke everywhere. US soldiers invaded Afghanistan and Iraq; hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children have been killed, assassinated or tortured. Contrary to what had been argued by the neocons, the world has become less secure, less safe and less prosperous -- and they are the ones who have the bulk of the responsibility for this. We see you as chance to turn a new page in international relations, an opportunity to fix all the distorted relations of recent years; to heal the wounds of the innocent people around the world that were caused by the past policies of invasion and aggression. We are ready to start a new period based on mutual respect, mutual understanding and cooperation; this is exactly what you promised in your inauguration speech. Dont forget, Mr. President, the Muslim world does not hate American people or American values. Muslims hate aggressive, discriminatory, black-and-white policies that isolate people based on double standards and violence. There is a strong feeling in Turkey, Mr. President, that all the military coups that have taken place in our recent history have been backed, controlled or maybe even designed by deep US forces. There is strong evidence that the Ergenekon terrorist organization is the twin sister of Gladio, a paramilitary network organized under NATO to carry out destabilizing violence during the Cold War. Until very recently we did not know that Ergenekon was behind almost all the provocative, violent actions conducted just before the past military interventions. We now understand that this was part of a dark game to pave the way for military coups under the disguise of patriotism. If it is true that all these destabilizing acts conducted by Ergenekon and related organizations in various NATO countries, Mr. President, we urge you to stop backing, or controlling, these terrorist organizations. You cannot imagine how costly it has been for us having to live under the shadow of this terrorist network that darkened the last half century in our country with their terrible murders, assassinations and illegal acts of provocation and destruction. On the global financial crisis, in my opinion the deep causes have to do with the fiat currency system that is not supported by real production or gold reserves. The modern financial system was corrupted with financial engineering using a bunch of derivative instruments breaking the link between debtor and lender: low credit standards; monetary expansion used for financing twin deficits; and dollars not backed by gold. This opened the door for exploitation via seigniorage revenues, speculative attacks and Ponzi schemes. The monetary and fiscal packages introduced so far have all been short-sighted measures and will not solve the problem in the long run. I propose the establishment of a "world central bank," a new world currency fully backed by gold reserves; distribution of seigniorage revenues in accordance with a nations contribution to world gross domestic product (GDP); and a back-to-the-basics return to the free market economy with minimal state intervention. It is not the uncontrolled free markets and lack of state intervention that created the current crisis, but rather the existence of too much state intervention via monetary expansion, state-controlled mortgage companies, credit-deposit guarantees that led to moral hazards and unjust bank and corporation saving operations, which is nothing but forcing the taxpayers to pay the price for the irresponsible decisions of millionaire CEOs, bureaucrats and politicians. In conclusion, Mr. President, we need the change promised during your election campaign. We are sick of hearing one thing but seeing just the opposite being done by the US authorities. We want consistency with all the arguments on freedoms, democracy, peace, stability, human rights, rule of law, individual liberties and free markets. We want to see you putting your money where your mouth is. Please use just one single standard: If nuclear weapons are bad for the future of humanity, they must be bad universally, whether they be in the hands of Israel, the US, India or Iran. Please be just and fair when dealing with the Israel-Palestine conflict and all other international disputes. Mutual respect and understanding, resorting to peaceful means, is the way to go. You will see people around the world appreciating your efforts if you really give a chance to diplomacy, negotiations and dialogue. We need peace, security and prosperity -- and this will be possible only if we respect one another and give priority to diplomacy, negotiations, dialogue and cooperation at all levels, as well as free trade and free markets. We hope that you follow up on what you promised, restore the USs lost prestige and credibility, and contribute to the betterment of the living conditions of people around the world. Thank you. Todays Zaman